InteropX Leadership Team
Latif Khalil

Latif Khalil

President and Co-founder of InteropX
Latif has over 25 years of Research and Development (R&D) and technology leadership experience in multiple IT domains including Security Information Management (SIM), System Security Management, and Healthcare Data Interoperability. He is an accomplished entrepreneur who led a startup IT security product business from an idea to a stable commercial product and through successful acquisition by Computer Associates (CA Technologies). At CA Technologies, he served as the vice president and R&D lead for multiple CA Security Products for 8 years. Since 2008, Latif has been working at JBS International as the vice president and chief technology officer. At JBS, he has successfully built a mature IT Solutions and Services practice with core competencies around Healthcare Standards, Interoperability, and Structured Data Exchange between disparate systems. Latif architected the unified adverse event reporting solution, Federal Safety Reporting Portal (SRP), for FDA and NIH. Working with the multiple FDA Centers and NIH Office of Science Policy, he facilitated multi-agency business and technology collaboration to develop and deploy the SRP solution. Latif received his Master’s in Applied Mathematics and Computer science from the University of Georgia and master’s in chemistry from the University of the Punjab.
Nagesh Bhasyam

Nagesh Bhasyam

Executive VP and Technical Advisor
Nagesh Bashyam (a.k.a Dragon) is a proven technology leader with over 22 years of experience across multiple domains and has architected and delivered projects of national significance. Currently he is a serving as a senior technical advisor to Office of the National Coordinator across multiple initiatives including Standards and Testing Environment (SITE), Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO), Common Data Models Harmonization (CDMH),  Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP), Coordinated Registry Network (CRN). Previously he has led multiple initiatives such as Data Access Framework (DAF), Provider Directories, Transitions of Care, Query Health among others. He brings the expertise gained over more than a decade of leading ONC initiatives and applying them to creating data access platforms for various clients to create the 21st Century Data Access Platform in InteropX. Prior to the current role, Dragon led the development and delivery of the Census Field Data Collection System for our nation where he architected a distributed solution comprising of more than 100000 mobile devices, 500 offices, multiple data centers and more than 25 different technology platforms to deliver the decennial Census in 2010. Prior to Census, Dragon architected Train Control Systems to automate freight train traffic across the eastern seaboard and led the Data Acquisition and Planning teams. He brings all of this varied experience to bear as part of our InteropX solution to provide Payors, States, Federal Agencies and Hospital Systems the next generation data platform with flexible pipelines for customization.
Paul Donovan

Paul Donovan

Chief Technology Officer
Paul is a proven technical thought leader and solution architect with over 10 years of experience in architecting and building solutions for a wide range of health IT challenges especially involving data collection, healthcare data standards, data harmonization, and data aggregation. Paul enjoys working on both enterprise-backend and user-facing systems, as well as the unique and unpredictable challenges that sometimes arise within the high-tech marketplace. Paul’s main professional focus over the past several years has been Health and Biomedical IT and has developed solutions for the challenges and unique facets of the industry. Paul’s interests have led him into financial software solutions, AI projects, and even the music business.

As a Solutions Architect, Paul architected and multiple software solutions including, such as:

  • A multi-tier system, built on Django, MongoDB, Elasticsearch and Neo4j, is designed for extensibility, scalability, modularity and component reuse, allowing for rapid customization and prototype flexibility supported by an Agile Scrum SDLC.
  • Architected and developed multiple system components and full enterprise systems in .Net and Java, utilizing custom components, COTS and Open Source systems to create scalable systems and fulfill guaranteed delivery requirements. The primary business objective for these systems was data capture, analysis, and transformation.
Specialties: Software Engineering, .NET, C#, BizTalk Server, ASP .Net, Multimedia Content Generation
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